Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sori 52 1 Year Anniversary is coming up

Our friend SGAP has been very inactive lately. If you appreciate what his music means to you, leave a paragraph or two in the comments of this post. We'll let him know about this gift on January 2nd as another thank you for his wonderful music. Keep it a secret but tell your friends and get writing. :D


  1. I'll be frank here, SGAP was one of the musicians that made me want to actually do music, as I had no experience producing or composing before being a brony. There were others sure, but no one else that I have found in the fandom so far at least, has the same sense of poetry and motion in their music. I was motivated and compelled to write my own songs and practice something I had never even given a chance, ending up with a song of mine getting into a charity album, which blew my mind by the way. To a degree, his experimental style also made me branch out and learn and experiment myself. What I am trying to say is my horizons were broadened and my imagination captured. I think it goes without saying that whenever life seems rough, there always seems to be an SGAP song or two that can cheer me up and get me rolling once again.

  2. Back when I first heard of your music, It would always seem to magically put a smile on my face and to this day it still does! I just wanted to say that the music you have done has always been a favorite of mine. And I really hope you're doing alright because it's been a long time.Now I know I'm not exactly the best at writing these things but I do try to put some thoughtfulness into writing them.

    But anyways, I just wanted to say that your music has really helped me out in tough times and I wanted to thank you for doing what you do. ~SevenUp

  3. SGAP was the very reason I'm still in the Brony Fandom. I was never very strongly attached to the show and I was thinking of leaving it for lack of interest. But I discovered SoGreatAndPowerful's work, and the music was great. I loved every bit of it, it was special music. The music had the ability to convey emotions strongly. He's one of the reasons I'm still in the Brony community and I'm thankful his music exists, because without him, I wouldn't have discovered the wonders of this community.

  4. I don't have a whole lot to say.

    But SoGreatandPowerful is one of the most creative musicians in this fandom, and one of the reasons I'm still in the MLP music community. However, he also gives me inspiration to continue to work on music as a whole.

  5. It always amazed me how a person so humble and modiste has such an enormous impact on the "few" people that he reaches. I don't think there is a day where I didn't hit play on any song of his. And especially now, in the winter season, "A Nyxmas Carol" makes everyday complete.
    I really can't wait to see what he'll do next.

  6. Thanks again. I can't help but feel happy when I listen to your music, and I can't wait to see what you do next.

  7. So-GAP, you are a truly special musician. Your music goes so much deeper than just melodies, rhymes, and samples. The way you delve into philosophy, character analysis, revitalize the older generations of MLP, and explore new territories has changed the way I think about music forever. No one ever has captured so much magic and beauty in music like you have for me, and whatever the future will bring, your works will always have a special place in my heart.

  8. I've always loved music, although it's something I don't often find the time to listen too. I love the brony community for the art that came from it. Dozens of talented artists, coming together through a common theme. Some have changed themes, and others have left, but I'll always love what they left in their wake, and that I was able to experience their art at some point. SGAP was always different. His music was magical and enticing. It invited me to a different world in such a way I was compelled to keep looking. He's a brilliant storyteller. He knows what to give and what to hold and that there's a balance between the two that when hit perfectly begs me to understand the full picture and quietly reminds me that I can always fill in the blanks. I will always love to hear his stories, and hope he continues to tell them; regardless of whether they be about ponies, or through music at all. Wherever you may venture know I wish you well, and know you have inspired me to tell my own stories.

  9. SGAP is probably my favourite musician in the fandom. His Flutterwonder remix set a standard of quality for brony musicians everywhere. Just when I thought that he couldn't create a better remix, he created 'The Physical Model of Friendship', one of the most unique things I've heard in quite some time. I found myself impatient when waiting for SGAP to upload, but I held on, and each time he uploaded, he never disappoints. Listening to his original songs 'Dashy/Hearth's Warming Eve' and 'A Sorceress Girl' felt like being immersed in a story book.

    While he thinks that his S2 songs were not that good, I found them to be entrancing, interesting and calming; with a nice video to complement the song. His collaborations with other artists is of the highest quality too. 'The Morning And', 'A Nyxmas Carol', 'Indelible Ink' and many many more.

    SGAP's songs makes me feel relaxed and happy. My life would be a bit dull without it. Keep it up man!

  10. The first time I heard SGAP was when he did the collab with Sherclop on 40 Winks. From there, I listened to his Season 1 music. It blew my mind. I was amazed I hadn't heard about this guy before, and that his music was so fresh and beautiful.

    To this day, I still listen to his Season 1 songs on repeat. The creativity and originality is truly inspiring. I don't even know if anyone else has ever made music quite the same way as SGAP. Every listen, there's a new layer to be heard and examined. There's a new appreciation for the time that he put into the music. I imagine him sitting at his computer, finding the perfect moments to add snippets and bits into each song. The vocal splicing is second to none.

    Seriously, the guy's my hero. Nothing would make me happier than to hear a little update, or better yet, a new song. If he's still active, whatever he's working on is going to be golden, I'm certain.

  11. Dear SoGreatAndPoweful,
    You changed my perception of music.
    Thanks to you, I understood that a song it's *not* just a few notes with words attached to them, it's something much more meaningful, more valuable, more powerful.
    You were able to send messages from your mind straight to my heart, maybe I misunderstood some of that meanings or misinterpreted some of your words, but that's not really important... what's important is that thanks to you, I learned the importance of the interpretation itself, and I'll forever be grateful for that.
    Hope you're doing well,
    ~one of your many fans.

  12. SoGreatandPowerful you are an incredible musician and a wonderful person. I have been listening to your music for so long now and it always give me a feeling of love that's indescribable. Your songs perfectly embody the show and characters and yet seem to give an even deeper look at them and they really make me think about life and what is really important. I've always admired your humbleness, it seems to me that you treat all of your songs as a gift to be shared and not just something you create for yourself. There is so much beauty in the songs that you create I want you to know that they mean so much to so many people. I will never forget the music you've created, and I hope there is much more to come.

  13. Here I am hopping you'll read this, SGAP. As a fan of your work I would hate to see you go, but I can understand why you might leave this behind. I just want you to remember who you are, you are amazing; all of the things you touch always seem to become timeless masterpieces, in my eyes. I can still listen to anything you've made and the experience will always be new. You seem to capture whole worlds in your music, and I still feel like I've barely explored any of it even though I listen to your music day and night. You're music is just so great and powerful that it changed the way I think about music forever, and it's because of this that I actually have started trying my hand at music for once. No one else can compare to the art you have created here, sir, and I hope you never forget that.

  14. There's something about your music that I've loved for the longest time. To me, it has a strange, mystical, and alluring cadence. Strange as it may sound, your music helped me to actually enjoy music. Perhaps it's just because I never was around music that helped me find such pristine serenity. Still, that's as much a compliment as the joy I found in finding that next hidden song of yours, that you let flutter into the breeze.

    So thank you for being inspirational. For a symbol so simple yet impossible to replicate. For being one whom says even credit is an excess. For helping me see a particular kind of brilliance that I hope to be my guiding light. I wish you the best with whatever place you decide to wander off to, in this vast universe.

    May your brilliance shine bright, and as you truly wish it to.

  15. Hopefully I am not too late. I find it hard to put into words the appreciation I've had for your music, and the inspiration that you are. Your tunes help me through the day, and to sleep at night.

    Thank you.

  16. SoGAP, all that you've done has been amazing. You make beautiful things, and you made me realize how much beauty there is in the world. I've honestly never felt as intensely about any kind of art as I have about yours. It makes me want to be something more than I am. You've inspired me to be true to myself and learn and grow and love. I've learned so much from what you've created. I genuinely feel that I can create something that is beautiful. Thank you so much.

  17. Hope I'm not late either, but SGaP, your music is absolutely astonishing, and it always makes me feel better when I'm feeling down. I am so glad that you and your works exist. You are a musical genius. Thank you so much.

  18. I'm a bit late, but you have no idea how much I love your music SGAP. It's no lie that it's some of the most unique music in this fandom, and is often in spotlight. You may not have intended to write music and we respect what you have done so far, and will still support you in other huge projects you have in store. Thank you, you have no idea what you mean to us.

  19. SoGreatandPowerful's music got me through some hard times, and made countless memories of good times. "Nothing's easy, nothing's too hard with everypony. Every seed"

  20. The first song of yours that I ever heard was, as I recall it, A Beautiful Heart. However, I closed it after around a minute or so and forgot all about. But then, maybe a week or so later, I had some strange melody playing in my head and I had no idea what it was. Intent on finding out, I scoured my web history and Youtube for a bit until I eventually found it again. The first time I heard it, it really didn't strike me at all. But the second time I fell in love.

    Since then, that's been my relationship with all of your songs as you've released them - I've only started enjoying them the second time through, and I have no idea why. It's a bit like those books that require more than one reading before you "get" them.

    Regardless, your music eventually became quite important to me. I remember you once saying somewhere that the best music is that which enhances the listener's experience of the subject material (I'm paraphrasing), and your music certainly did that for me. It made me look at the show in a different and more enjoyable way, but it also wound up having that affect on the way I view the world at large. Your music became a sort of oasis where I could think and recover. A warm place.

    While you haven't put out anything for a while now, I don't think anyone wants for you to stay and do more than you already have if you don't want to. Still, I would - if possible - like to listen to more of your music in the future. So, if you decide to keep doing it, and are only moving on from these parts - could you leave a trail?

    Whatever happens, I wish you luck.

  21. So the first heart croaks in blissful quarter time, a sacred Swear born as a fractal echo that sets the vast, dark expanse alight with pinpricks.

    Great an echo comes, a meek, wonderful Flutter bestowed life in growth by the reverberating cheers of the Faithful pinpricks. Hearts resonate unmade love in pixels and waveforms through liquid crystal and in return the Swear is born again from an Enigmatic History. A voice-- once meek-- reaches hearts through Hearths in illusions of stages and Sorcery. A Lonesome timbre carried by a foundation of everyone's love. A Ditzy buzz. A Model complete. Pinpricks cascading their seeds of kindness, carrying the formula into the endless corners of the dark expanse. The sun rose in The Morning And the Other Animals beamed and played, Never knowing mournful respite, Never conforming, Never cognizant of the pinpricks Indelible gaze.

    And meek horizons wrapped the pinpricks in wings
    with wild century-old language guiding
    , measuring hearts, Faithful and Strong.
    Directionless lines, Sofas & Quills,
    sparks blaze Love, Admiration.

    for {}
    from Idylia
    thank you

  22. Well this is a late post but never the less I want to put this out there. My first song that you made was Pinkie Pie Swear and from then on I wanted more. I looked far and wide throughout YouTube just to see and hear more of you. You music is what I define as True music, music that inspires people to do things, music that stirs emotions inside one and most of all sounds like heaven to ones ears and only 2 people have been in this list you being one of them. Even if you haven't been making any new videos or posted on your tumblr much but just to let you know I love each and every single music you put out even if it takes a long time.

  23. Your music is timeless. Your music is peaceful, and it makes me truly feel like I, simply as a human being, am a part of an amazing and beautiful universe. There is no other musician who does that, and inspires me to live so much. Thank you for everything.

  24. Thank you SoGreatandPowerful, your music has had the biggest impact on me when it comes to this lovely fandom. I could not put in words how your music made me feel I heard your remix of Flutterwonder and from there became a huge fan of your work. On My Own saved me somehow from almost leaving the fandom from there I began listening to Facexplodie, to ATR to Le Soldat Pony to Cherax and on. I stood by my side with my friends and your music was sort of a cosmic sound of happiness.
    Thank you SGAP for all the work and all the people you have influenced!

  25. Thank you. Your music brought myself and many others a lot of real joy. The beautiful music you make warms me with the love that I can feel in it. Not just the love in the music itself, but in the music's creator and the love and care he puts into it. It has been a little bit colder in the world since you've been gone, but we are patiently and eagerly awaiting your return.

    Thank you again, for being absolutely wonderful.

  26. SoGreatandPowerful, thank you so much for your music, the pieces you create are absolutely stunning in sound and has affected me more than another musician. The peacefulness, the pacing, everything really is truly unique and beautiful. Affecting my art and my life, you've really changed me in a really good way, and from the bottom of my heart I thank you.

  27. hey nully, your (moderately hard to come across!) work has become a turning point in my little breakdown phase back in 2012. All those unusual voice samples and your androgynous voice somehow managed to get me back on track and pursue things i hold dear to my heart. oh, and you definitely taught me(or prompted me to learn) something about real love! thank you and i hope to be hearing from you soon. take care

  28. thank you for all you have done
    I wish only the best for you in this life

  29. Your music changed the way I listen to and write music, how I think about other people, and how I viewed myself. It taught me to appreciate people and ideas for what they were and to love them. In some way, it helped me to love myself again too.

    Power to the peaceful. Thank you, sgap.

  30. First of all I want to say thank you for your incredible music. It is so strange that someone with your talent doesn't get more recognition. I hope you know that your worked has positively impacted many different people (myself included) and that you don't need to be so hard on yourself. I realize that I don't know you personally, but you have shown me a new perspective on many different things. Thank you, David.

  31. SGAP, you changed my life. I don't even know who you are, and yet you've made a bigger impact on me than a lot of the people I DO know. I don't cry for anything, and yet I've been sitting here weeping for maybe 23 minutes, because I know it's over. I mean, nothing's ever REALLY over, but it truly breaks my heart to know that we'll never hear a new song by arguably one of the most moving musicians I've ever heard. But I still want to thank you for gifting us with your music. It was literally life-changing for so many people.

    It's so hard to say goodbye, but it has to happen sometime. So thank you, SGAP, for everything.

    The Standard Model;
    It was anything but.

  32. Been two years. Amazing, huh. Will anyone read this, I wonder?
    Perhaps not, most likely. As is if SGaP will be back.
    Kreuhn pony hasn't been around in a year. Profoundtwi, Markelius, Facexplodie.
    Soldat's packing up, apparently. And a fair number're moving on.

    Odd. Feels as if Sori 52 was a magnum opus, does it not?

    Is this good-bye? I guess. Perhaps. Most likely. To all things, and end. But to all things, a beginning. C'est la vie, as it were.

    No one will read this, most likely. And I wonder if these tracks will fade into the ether, only to be dug up by an inquisitive traveler, told by a friend.

    You can probably find me if you ask around on /r/sgap. If you care. If you're there.

    Hope you have a good day.

    1. Thanks, you too, and don't worry.
      Fans are and always will be here, as close as they can be to SGaP.
      And we will always care. We wouldn't be fans if we didn't.

      I still have hope that SGaP *will* be back, no matter how much time passes.
      I have no idea about when or how, but I feel like he still has something to tell us, to create for us, or maybe for himself.
      I don't think he's finished and I don't think he left forever.
      In the end that may turn out to be true, but only time will tell.

      P.S: also Facexplodie didn't leave. In fact, he just released a track through the new Seeds of Kindness album.

  33. One year later and still nothing.
    I just wanted SGaP (if they even read this) to know that their music has made a huge difference to so many people. PPS, SGaP and Foozogz all have something special in their music that just makes me feel so happy inside.


  34. One year later and still nothing.
    I just wanted SGaP (if they even read this) to know that their music has made a huge difference to so many people. PPS, SGaP and Foozogz all have something special in their music that just makes me feel so happy inside.


  35. Sgap, I love you. And your music. In a generation where nearly all of the music is merely repetitive, boringly catchy, and downright hollow, I didn't think there would ever be a musician like you. Your music is beautiful, meaningful, and full of magic. The way your music sounds is indescribable, it's so amazing I cant even think of a genre that fits this beauty. I just hope that you are okay, and may even come back soon. We love you, SGaP, I love you SGaP.

  36. Sgap, I love you. And your music. In a generation where nearly all of the music is merely repetitive, boringly catchy, and downright hollow, I didn't think there would ever be a musician like you. Your music is beautiful, meaningful, and full of magic. The way your music sounds is indescribable, it's so amazing I cant even think of a genre that fits this beauty. I just hope that you are okay, and may even come back soon. We love you, SGaP, I love you SGaP.

  37. Man, this brings back memories. I go to check in on some artists I used to follow, and everyone's missing.

    Hope they're all okay, and keep producing, even if it's just for themselves. It'd kill to let talent like that vanish forever.

  38. Throwing my pennies into this well, also. SGaP's music (as well as this album) has changed my life forever. I still listen to all of it, it's some of the music I can't ever leave. I don't know if SGaP will ever be back, I don't think it's a topic worth discussing. I don't think it's true to say I will never see anything about SGaP again in my life, however small that may be, but I am at peace with the mark SGaP has left on this world and the fact that that is likely all there will be. I hope SGaP as well as the many other musicians in this space are okay and happy in their lives, however difficult that may be to achieve. Please know, anybody (musicians and non-musicians alike), that you are loved, and you can be loved. I love all of you. Good day to you all.

    Oh gee, it just started raining...